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Cene Fišer, Rok Kostanjšek (2001) Prispevek k poznavanju favne pajkov skakačev v Sloveniji ( Araneae , Salticidae ), 33-40. In Natura Sloveniae 3 (2).

Download PDF (172.82 KB)


Gernot Segelbacher, Robert J. Paxton, Gunther Steinbruck, Peter Trontelj, Ilse Storch (2000) Characterization of microsatellites in capercaillie Tetrao urogallus (AVES), 1934-1935. In Molecular Ecology.

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Božo Frajman, Cene Fišer (2000) Prispevek k poznavanju opraševalcev vrst Euphorbia, 19-31. In Natura Sloveniae 3 (2).

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Simona Turk-Prevorčnik, Andrej Blejec (1998) Asellus aquaticus infernus, new subspecies (Isopoda: Asellota: Asellidae), from Romanian hypogean waters, 763-773. In journal of crustacean Biology 18 (4).

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